What Others Are Saying

Rev. Jeff Arnold, United Pentecostal Church – Gainsville, Florida

“Bob Kurz has been blessed of God with his insight into marriage and relationships. We have had him preach and teach numerous times and our church loves to hear him. Every time he’s been with us, he’s been a great blessing. I highly recommend him. Use him for your church, use him for seminars, use him to preach and he’ll be 
a blessing to you.”

Rev. Tim Gaddy, New Life Church, Cabot, Arkansas

I highly recommend the Helping Series. This curriculum will assist pastors in helping their members to biblically navigate life, and all that it throws their way. The Helping Series uses the premise that we will “Know the Truth” and it will make us free. Thank you for equipping us to help God’s people with His word.”

Rev. James Lumpkin, Word Aflame Fellowship Church – Little Rock, Arkansas

“Healthy families lead to healthy, growing churches. In order to minister effectively to a culture marked by dysfunction, abuse, shame, and addictions, pastors need tools -
 apostolic tools. Bob Kurz offers those tools through “The Helping Series.” His material provides Bible-based, practical answers to meet an escalating challenge in 
the church. As a husband and father I have benefited from the counsel of Bob Kurz both personally, and as a pastor. I highly recommend his materials. You, your family and congregation will benefit from his ministry.”

Rev. Aaron Soto, Apostolic Truth Church, Appleton, Wisconsin

The Pastoral Helping Series by Rev. Robert Kurz has been a “go to” resource for our pastoral team at Apostolic Truth Church. The DVD’s and workbooks are frequently used to supplement family or marriage counseling issues. This is an invaluable resource for pastors who value time, and are looking for biblical resources to promote a healthy congregation.

Rev. Steve Wilson, Former General Superintendent, Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ

“As the scripture records, He gave five ministries for the perfecting of the saints, the work of the ministry, and the edifying of the body of Christ. Bob Kurz’s specialized training in psychology and counseling certainly qualifies him to fulfill this calling. With over twenty five years of marriage and family counseling experience, he is now providing valuable insights and Biblical guidance through “The Helping Series.” With the current onslaught of the enemy on the family, pastors will benefit from this informative resource.”

Rev. Joseph Hanthorn, Christian Life Center, Germantown, Wisconsin

The Training for Life Series has been an immensely valuable resource for any pastor. This series is filled with life changing biblical principals presented in a relevant and user friendly format. I often use the DVDs and corresponding study guides in our pre-marriage counseling sessions as well as in host of other counseling situations. As a young pastor it has proven to be an enormous time saver for me!


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