The Helping Series


The Helping Series is a 4 volume pastoral counseling resource designed to assist pastors in their counseling responsibilities and to provide instruction for establishing a mentoring program to help church members through difficult times.

The first volume is a pastoral training manual designed to assist pastors and to train mentors with the daily task of helping members that are hurting. It includes a CD-ROM containing reproducible counseling forms and quick reference scriptures.

The next three volumes are Interactive Pastoral Resource Books on Marriage, Parenting and Lifestyle Problems. Each resource book includes: seven seminars, seven DVD’s corresponding to each seminar, counseling goals, problem identification tips, homework assignments, quick reference scriptures and a CD-ROM containing reproducible student workbooks for each seminar.

The Helping Series Overview and teaching samples can be viewed below.

The seminars included in the series include:

Helping with Marriage Problems:

  • Building Strong Marriages
  • Fruitful Communication
  • God’s Plan for Husbands and Wives
  • Harmful Marriage Traits – Husbands
  • Harmful Marriage Traits – Wives
  • Marriage Communication
  • Marriage Enhancement

Helping with Parenting Problems:

  • Rules and Consequences
  • Christian Family Lifestyle
  • Christian Parental Authority
  • Positive Parental Influence
  • Single Parenting & Blended Families
  • When Kids Rebel
  • Discipline Styles

Helping with Lifestyle Problems

  • Overcoming Discouragement
  • Overcoming Financial Difficulties
  • Overcoming Lustful Thinking
  • Overcoming Anger
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Overcoming Fear, Doubt and Worry
  • Overcoming Infidelity

Cost: $499 per set. Call (414) 881-2481 to order.


What Others Are Saying About The Helping Series

Rev. Aaron Soto, Apostolic Truth Church, Appleton, Wisconsin The Pastoral Helping Series by Rev. Robert Kurz has been a “go to” resource for our pastoral team at Apostolic Truth Church. The DVD’s and workbooks are frequently used to supplement family or marriage counseling issues. This is an invaluable resource for pastors who value time, and are looking for biblical resources to promote a healthy congregation.

Rev. James Lumpkin, Word Aflame Fellowship Church – Little Rock, Arkansas “Healthy families lead to healthy, growing churches. In order to minister effectively to a culture marked by dysfunction, abuse, shame, and addictions, pastors need tools -
 apostolic tools. Bob Kurz offers those tools through “The Helping Series.” His material provides Bible-based, practical answers to meet an escalating challenge in 
the church. As a husband and father I have benefited from the counsel of Bob Kurz both personally, and as a pastor. I highly recommend his materials. You, your family and congregation will benefit from his ministry.”

To order products, please call (414) 881-2481.