Training Men For Life

920x382_mensminWould you like to develop men who are spiritually strong and morally pure?

Training for Life Ministries is conducting a 3-4 hour workshop to help area churches equip their men to face the challenges of our day.

Training topics:

  • Establishing and maintaining an effective men’s ministry
  • Building trusting relationships with Christian men
  • The role of an effective leader
  • Principles of accountability and mentoring
  • How to facilitate transparent group discussions
  • Understanding the nature of sexual sins
  • Restoring men who are addicted to pornography

A 2 year curriculum manual is available for purchase at our store.

Manual includes:

  • Follow-along leader outlines for training sessions
  • 24 monthly teaching outlines
  • 24 monthly group discussion guides
  • Moral purity resource information
  • Internet accountability recommendations

Training is conducted by Robert J. Kurz, the founder of Training for Life Ministries.

Contact us at (414) 881-2481 to schedule a workshop!

Cost: Manual = $50. Call (414) 881-2481 to order.

To order products, please call (414) 881-2481.